3 Worst Sex Turn Offs

whose SEX LIFE is NOT what you want
* How to Avoid the 3 Biggest Sex Turn Offs *
that 96% of All Women Say they Hate

By Sexpert Debbie Roxs, “The Lady Who Put The X in Sex”

You could be sabotaging your relationship right now if you are doing any one of these turn offs. Learn these 3 mood-killing moves men unknowingly do that you want to avoid at all costs. Women secretly reveal what they wish the men in their life knew about becoming a better lover. Nowhere else will you get the opportunity to hear the bold truth about sexual turn offs from women all over the world.

1) Touching her too hard during foreplay.

Chances are the reverse is true and also she is touching you too lightly.

2) Rubbing her clitoris before she is aroused and lubricated.

Watch for signs that she is turned on. Her breathing will become louder and she may moan, then when she moves her hips up and down that is the tell-tale sign she is horny and desperately wants you to rub her clitoris. If you use a lubricant make sure it is water soluble like KY Jelly otherwise it can give her an infection. Vaseline, petroleum jelly and baby oil are not water soluble therefore they make good massage oils but not good lubricants.

3) Kissing her when you have bad breath.

If you wake up with morning breath or after drinking alcohol or coffee, smoking, eating things like brats, onions, garlic and spices, make sure you brush your teeth and use mouthwash. Of course you already know personnel hygiene (nails clean and trimmed, nose and ear hair trimmed) is important. Women have a much keener sense of smell than men and that is why they are hypersensitive to odors.

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