Hot Valentine Gift

Valentine’s Day HOT LOVE gift – one of a kind

The Cost – $25 ——– The Experience – Priceless

BUY SOME BODY PAINTS AT LOVER’S LANE or any adult boutique. Make sure they are high quality and won’t just rinse away. Buy a single white twin sheet at any stores bedding department for less than five dollars. Now you can use the whole sheet or cut it down to picture size. Use your lover’s body as a canvas to paint as free and wild as your imagination will allow. If there is enough paint left, your partner can paint your body (beware it might not come out as clear and it will be messier) You may put the sheet between you as you start making love or wait for just before the climax. Now you have an imprint of the most intimate moment a couple can share. Since the color will have smeared together it will look like modern art or maybe a finger-painting from a five year old. You can frame your one of a kind body mural and give it to your honey as a Valentine’s Day keepsake of your love. For you procrastinators, you know who you are you are the ones reading this on Valentine’s night You might be able to get away with using crushed blueberries and strawberries. It might be okay to use food coloring but I’m not sure. You might need another sheet or plastic to put over your bed so you do not stain it. You don’t want to end up in the doghouse on Valentine’s night :-)

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